I’m Kristie, host and presenter at The Real Food Revolution 2015. For years I lived with sickness, suffering from chronic IBS, bronchitis, asthma and frequent illnesses. I was unable to absorb food properly and used to think it was ‘normal’ to live this way. I’m here to tell you, it’s not! Our bodies are designed to be vibrant, energised, radiant and free from sickness. You deserve to have a sound body and mind to achieve all that you want to in life. You do not need to accept what doctors have advised is wrong with you and as a result, rely on medication your whole life. I was on various medications for 10 years and my body almost gave up.  As the months passed by, I was becoming more ill and I had no idea who to trust, what to believe or how to get better.

When I made a choice to change my life and move over to a ‘real food’ way of eating, a lot of things changed for me. I lost 14 kilos, stopped feeling bloated, recovered from my food addictions, stopped overeating, and my toilet habits improved. There was no longer any need for my medication, my eyes became brighter, my skin cleared up, my moods improved, I gained a purpose for existing on this planet and I left my corporate job to live the life of my dreams. I can honestly say that it was by deciding to make a change, in my lifestyle, thoughts and eating patterns that enabled me to enjoy my new body and new life.

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Industry Expert Speakers

Kristie Ord 48 Degrees & host of Real Food Revolution

Kisane Appleby and Roe – Realistically Raw You

Matt Bates (AFL) and Tegan Steel (Vegie Girl) – The Green Warriors

Andi Lew

Melanie – RAW Nourishment

Kemi Nekvapali – Raw Beauty Queen

Beni Doolan – Five Point Four

Jessie Reimers – Get A Fresh Start

Mason Taylor– Superfeast

Sarah Lantz – Buchi and Chemical Free Kids

Tessa Stanford – Redefining the Balance

Holly George – Naturally Holly

Therese Kerr – Divine

Georgia Sheehan

Ronaldo – Ronaldos Superfood Kitchen and The Shack

Jason Shon Bennett – Eat Less Live Long

Amanda Brockett – The Raw Food Kitchen

Maz – Sadhana Kitchen

Delia McCabe – Delia Health

Billy Simmonds – Prana

Amber Hawkin – Bloom Wellness

Rowena Jayne – The Real Food Yogi

Michelle Nararoff – Nazafit

Jenni Madison – Coconut Magic

Rory Bland – The Wholefood Dude

Jema Lee – Wellsome

Dwayne Mathers – Amazonia

Anthony and Kate Golle – Overfed Undernourish and Body Brilliant

Nicole Love Joy –Life’s too short for diets & Eat Cake for Breakfast

Nicole Anderson – Doterra Essential Oils

Samantha Bachman

Espen Hjalmby

Carolyn Burnett – A1 Colonics

Dr Peter Dingle

Clint Morgan – Crazy Conscious Water

Dianne Dolzan – Rawsome Wholefoodie

Kathy Hughes – Authentic Discovery

Tim McNeilly – Really Awsome Wholefoods

Samantha Gowing

Jamie Louise – Orawgi

Sandra Kimler

Jo Whitton

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Andi Lew is a melbourne personality, accomplished author of 5 health books, mother of a 5 year old boy and highly sought after writer and TV Presenter, Andi also added another string to her bow by studying nutrition and becoming a certified ‘Food, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach’. As a presenter, she voiced FOX8′s The SCENE and MODE programs, which screened in over 20 countries and she continues to broaden her skills with such diversity as an actor too, playing comedic roles with impeccable timing and depth of character. She now coaches people from all types of wellness needs and has a cooking school in St Kilda.
Melanie Harold is the creator of the popular YouTube channel Raw Nourishment. In September 2013,MeI began to transition to a high carb low fat vegan life style and has never felt more amazing in her life. She cured her acne, no longer has digestive issues, lost weight, fell energised, alkalised my body, have whiter teeth, eyes became clearer, experienced mental clarity and self love. To find out more check out my You Tube channel, Raw Nourishment. Mel not only inspires people through this lifestyle but she is also a big advocate for living the greatest version of yourself.
Kemi Nekvapil is the world’s leading authority on Raw Beauty. As a speaker, coach and author, she believes a womans unique beauty comes from who she is and the actions she chooses to take. Kemi Runs events & retreats that transforms womens lives
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” Jessie Reimers is an Activist, Writer, Researcher, Public Speaker, Blogger, Mum of Two Boys, Truth Seeker and General Badass. She runs regular workshops and classes in and around Brisbane. The purpose of her ramblings is to give you access to some well researched and evidence based information that may clash with general mainstream ideas. Jessie hopes to break down outdated hogwash based on profits and bring you information free of bias and bullshit. Topics included but not limited to Heart Foundation lies, the importance of sunshine, nutrition bogus, breastfeeding advocacy, birth freedom, eating the food, loving yourself, how to use natural alternatives to drugs where appropriate, living sustainably, saying a big no you to corporate propaganda and more.”
Mason is a health educator, speaker, writer, and wellness evolutionary sharing lifestyle distinctions to inspire those ready to consciously create the true body, vitality and personal culture that lie within us all. He is a graduate of the bodymindinstitute and owner of Superfeast. Through connection to Mother Nature, personalised and upgraded nutrition, tonic herbalism, sovereign healing, and passion-based living, Mason is on a mission to share with the world the true potential of our body’s and how it is our individual, unique approach that allows access to these super human levels of health.
Dr.Sarah Lantz is a health writer, researcher, author nutritional consultant, & all-round chemical conscious nut. Sarah has qualifications in pblic & population bealth, nutrition, some toxicology, & completed her PhD from the University of melbourne, Australian Youth Research centre. Sarah has worked as research fellow & lecturer at a number of prestigiuos universitites across Aust. Sarah is currently the Direcotr of Roots in Nature Pty Ltd and Buchi Kombucha – a collective an organic fermentation artisans. She runs workshops across Australia in issues of Toxcity – gut health – fermentation – building resilience.
Tessa is a psychologist and is currently studying health science. Paired with her background in psychology and her passion for using food as medicine to help others understand the mind-body connection, she specialises in gut health, eczema healing, and redefining the ‘work/life balance’ paradigm. Tessa struggled most of her life with excema and only in the past few years realised that true healing started when she started looking at what was going on in the inside. Tessa has been through a huge journey to wellness and is now proof of how the wholefood approach can ultimately heal the body.
Holly George is a Bachelor qualified Naturopath, specialising in plant based diets. Holly’s deepest passion is to see individuals regain their vitality & health through natural medicine which she promotes through her clinical practice, public speaking events & writing for popular media publications.
Therese Kerr is a mum to Miranda and Matthew Kerr, a Visionary, Public Speaker, Author and advocate for holistic family health. Through her website, Therese freely shares her knowledge, runs life-changing empowerment programs and retreats and engages health and wellness practitioners, healthy chefs and medical doctors alike in sharing information on all aspects of health. After having had tumours in her spleen in 2001, Therese believes optimum health is achieved through taking a holistic approach to wellness, i.e. creating then nurturing a physical, emotional and spiritual alignment within the body, and everything she does reflects this approach.
Georgia Sheehan has always been passionate about her health & nature therapies, it was after attending life mastery in Fiji with Tony Robbins, that I discovered colon hydrotherapy. 6 days of cleansing, detoxing & colonics changing my life forever. I worked ways from a very successful real estate’s career, relocated from Kalgoorlie to Perth & bought my amazing clinic 6 years ago & I love every minute of it. I am passionate about educating my clients about their health & wellness.
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Jason Shon Bennett is a self-cured health researcher, international speaker and best-selling author, who inspires and educates people all over the world about how to completely transform their health.  He is the creator of thelifeplan, a revolutionary 12-month health mentoring system that has been used by doctors, pharmacists, naturopaths, former-All Blacks, business people, and everyone in-between, to dramatically and powerfully improve their health and wellbeing.  He specialises in longevity, fasting, wholefoods, weight loss, nutrition, genetic expression; the transformation of your digestive, bowel and immune system; the return to high energy levels; the rebuilding of your body back to exceptional health; and the conscious prevention of modern lifestyle diseases.
Amanda is the owner of The Raw Food Kitchen based in Sydney, holds regular raw food workshops & raw retreats both in Austrlia and overseas, offers rawsome ebooks, transmational online prgrams & events to help educate & inspire people to incorporate plant based living for healtier, happier lives. Amanda’s healing journey from illness to wellness with a raw food diet and detox procolis actually worked. Amanda suffered gandida for many years and used the 80/20 rule, healing the gut and fermented foods to heal her body. Check out her webstie for yummy raw recepes & articles too.
Maz is the owner of the much loved Sadhana Kitchen in Sydney. Maz describes herself as an avid yoga, raw food and Star Wars enthusiast. She first set foot onto a yoga mat at Lila Yoga in 2010, and has carried one with her everywhere she goes ever since. As a yoga teacher, Maz encourages students to work towards a deeper connection with their mind, body and spirit. She believes that what we put into our bodies everyday is part of our Sadhana (conscious spiritual practice). She hopes to share how through our Sadhana, everyone can discover their own personal wisdom, self-healing abilities and infinite potential. She believes that through the practice of yoga and a healthy lifestyle, one can find peace and happiness.
Delia McCabe lost her enthusiasm for the “talking cure”after completing her master’s degree in Psychology. She discovered that what you eat affects your brain function and that until the brain is prperly nourished, no amount of talking will get it working properly. Delia’s goal is to arm people with the knowledge they need to minimize their strees and help them live their lives optimaally through feeding their brains correctly. Her motto is :FEED YOUR BRAIN, Change your life”. Delia is currently completing a PHD and continuing her research and findings in this field.
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Rowena Jayne – Real food yogi is an International Yoga Instructor, Published author (the Joy of Real Food), Naturopath, Nutritionist, Advanced Raw Food Chef and has studied Ayurvedic Medicine & various other modalities. Rowena has worked on the faculty of a major teaching training & conducts classes, workshops & retreats internationally. She also runs online Transformation programs. Raw Food & nutritional Cooking classes, seminars & various other programs internationally. Rowenas philosphy stems around Yoga & how it plays a pivotal role in clearing toxins emotionally, mentally & physically to ensure every cell receives the nutrition from food. But also helps 1 increas their self awareness in knowing oneself to choose foods best for each individual. How yoga helps to change the negative mindset of poor eating habits and poor self image etc. Enchances ones desire to feed the body natural, wholesome foods & take car of the body in which we live & treat it respectfully
Michelle Nazaroff is as passionate as she is inspirational. Transforming others lives as well as her own. Michelle educates & empowers with natural nutrition & fitness. A world Campion Natural body builder & mum. Michelle is empowering others with her own story & her journey from hospital bed to healthy.
Jenni’s discovery of coconut oil in Thailand, through her personal healing journey, was a catalupt to the creation of her company and misssion for Coconut magic. Organic Coconut oil is mother nature’s magic and natural body medicine. Jenni’s passionate vision is to raise awareness of the amazing benefits of coconut oil, plant based whole foods and related lifestyle products. Her message is to embrace a natural approach to healing through healthy foods, body mind medicine and a return to nature for personal empowerment.
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Jema is a Nutrition and wellness coach specialising in Gluten free by healing gluten damage on a cellular level. She is the found of wellness and gives regular talks on all health related issues. Giving up Gluten bas been alife long passion of nutrition coach Jema Lee’s. Her approcah is holisitic to changing your life with nourishing real food one meal at a tiem. Through nutrition and healing, loose weight and change your life join the “Giving up gluten’ movement today.
Dwayne Martens is the founder and CEO of Amazonia health products, healthy living advocate and socially conscious entrepreneur. Amazonia has epitomised the health movement in Australia and abroad. This multi-million dollar, multi-national company was built on the vision by Dwayne and his team. Very unique to his space, Dwayne and his team have reshaped the health arena and brought a dynamic, young, innovative twist to a relatively stock standard industry. Driven by an ethical ‘Shine Brighter’ philosophy, Dwayne and his team have achieved some remarkable feats. Amazonia directly preserve in excess of 10,000 acres through their fair trade and sustainable actions and affect in order of over 10,000 families abroad. Dwayne provides a motivational, uplifting presentation that excites and captivates his audience. His young, vivacious manner is unique and entertaining, while his message sounds from the heart.
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A former School Teacher & entrepreneur at heart, Nicole Joy is now an inspirational food author who passionately shares her story of rediscovering her love of food. Nicole believes in nourishing the body & soul with delicious, wholesome ingredients, & advocates that healthy eating does not mean compromising on flavour. Nicole is a best selling author and instagram fame.
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With a background in comedy, she has a way of delivering the truth of who, we are, what we’re capable of and how to get off the treadmill of ordinary life like no other.
Samantha will have you thoroughly entertained with a hilarious, fun filled presentation of what it is to be human, have an ego and deal with life’s ups and downs and take charge of your mouth, your body, your life and your mind.
Samantha is the inventor of The Junk Food Smoothie which is a very funny approach to showing us exactly what happens when we consume food that we call ‘junk foods’ and how it looks to the digestive system.
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Dr D is one of Australia’s leading researchers, educator and communicator. He was an Associate Professor and leading researcher in Health and the Environment and is passionate about common sense and sustainable health approaches.
Leaving the corporate world in 2008 Clint embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in the health and wellness industry.
Clint has always had a strong connection with water, you’ll see him swimming in it, drinking it, bathing in it and living near it.. Which led to his research and discovery of the powerful healing properties of this life giving substance.
Many lifestyle related health issues can be caused by dehydration, your body needs water to survive, it’s like running your car with no oil.
Water is the eternal life-force, all living entities thrive on water. Our being is made up of over 70% water.
95% of the population are dehydrated. Getting our bodies into a hydrated state is a simple yet “Profound Healing Tool.”
Unfortunately water isn’t water, so the “Type of Water” we drink plays a crucial role on our bodies ability to absorb and hydrate at a cellular level.
The water we are consuming, tap water, bottled water and many purified waters are causing more harm than good.
Through a powerful medical devise Clint teaches his clients a natural way they can stay hydrated, improving their health, raising their consciousness and ridding their body of many ailments caused by dehydration.
With a passion for conscious living, health and the environment Clint is on a mission to help connect people with a cleaner, healthier water source that doesn’t negatively impact the environment.
Dianne Dolzan from Rawsome Wholefoodie shares the Wisdon & healing powers of naturs gifts. Di’anne is a Raw Food Chef and she educates you on how to use wholefoods, knowledge and confidence to create the Ultimate you. Di’anne offers a wide range of services; including consultations ‘one-on-one’, In-home demostrations, cooking shows, hosts special events and is an international speaker. Di’annes lectures focus on intuitive eating, how to read you body, signatures of foods and the 7 principles of health.
Kathy is an author and national speaker on the concept of detoxing safely and cleansing as a ritual. Kathys findings show that disease is increaasing while ancient approaches of fasting & wholefood medicine is fast gaining momentum. Our miracvlous body is designed to heal & repair & regunentation providing the correct environment, thus igniting our true authenticty of health, longevity and thriving.
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Sam retrained in natural medicine in 1999 and has continued to raise awareness around the benefits of organic food ever since. A passionate entrepreneur, she founded her globally recognized business Gowings Food Health Wealth in 2000, which provides culinary and marketing solutions to the wellness industry. In 2008 Sam transplanted herself from the gritty inner Melbourne suburb of Collingwood to lush Byron Bay to further her holistic study, research, and to surf the pristine waters of the north coast. Sam holds a Diploma of Health Science Nutrition, is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, and is near completion of the Le Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomic Tourism degree.
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