Kristie Ord 48 Degrees & host of Real Food Revolution

The Wellness Guys


Kisane Appleby and Roe – Realistically Raw You


Matt Bates (AFL) and Tegan Steel (Vegie Girl) – The Green Warriors


Andi Lew


Pete Evans (TBC)

Melanie – RAW Nourishment

Kemi Nekvapali – Raw Beauty Queen

Beni Doolan – Five Point Four

Jessie Reimers – Get A Fresh Start

Mason Taylor– Superfeast

Sarah Lantz – Buchi and Chemical Free Kids

Tessa Stanford – Redefining the Balance

Holly George – Naturally Holly

Therese Kerr – Divine

Ronaldo – Ronaldos Superfood Kitchen and The Shack

Jason Shon Bennet – Eat Less Live Long

Amanda Brockett – The Raw Food Kitchen

Maz – Sadhana Kitchen

Delia McCabe – Delia Health

David Gillespie – Sweet poison

Billy Simmonds – Prana

Amber Hawkin – Bloom Wellness

Rowena Jane – The Real Food Yogi

Michelle Nararoff – Nazafit

Jenni Madison – Coconut Magic

Rory Bland – The Wholefood Dude

Jema Lee – Wellsome

Dwayne Mathers – Amazonia

Anthony and Kate Golle – Overfed Undernourish and Body Brilliant

Nicole Love Joy –Life’s too short for diets & Eat Cake for Breakfast

Nicole Anderson – Doterra Essential Oils

Samantha Bachman

Luke and Scott

Carolyn Burnett – A1 Colonics

Dr Peter Dingle

Clint Morgan – Crazy Conscious Water

Dianne Dolzan – Rawsome Wholefoodie


Kathy Hughes – Authentic Discovery

Tim McNeilly – Really Awsome Wholefoods


Samantha Gowing


Jamie Louise – Orawgi


Allexx Stuart