Building a better relationship with food

Our host Kristie Ord often talks about building a better relationship with food. How do we achieve this? And what does this mean?

Most, often than not, people simply cannot stick to DIETS. First and foremost, “diet” has the word “die” in it (no wonder it puts people off!). Second of all, a diet is not a lifestyle, it is usually seen as a restriction. Many people go on a roller coaster when it comes to eating well as one minute they are doing it and the next they are off the “diet”. However, when we start to change our relationship with food, our body will not go back to craving acidic, processed, fatty foods. When the body is cleansed, it gets into a routine of craving whole foods.

If you think about a marriage, it can either resemble happiness or unhappiness and the same goes for our relationship with food and our body. If we are filling our bodies with dead, unnourishing and artificial type foods, we are creating a negative relationship between food and our self love and care.

When when we create a positive relationship with food, our self love, respect, confidence and appearance all dramatically increase.

The tricky part of this process is how do we move from A to B ? How is it that some people can quite easily change their life, body and mindset, yet others stay stuck, confused and unhappy? It simply comes down to mindset. Like anything, if we believe we CAN we will ACHIEVE, if we do not believe it then change and progress is unlikely to happen. The other factor is we cannot expect instant results overnight. Like any change, it comes with a process, a journey filled with education and action.

So how do we begin to make peace with our plates?

  • Start with small changes. If you drink 3 cups of coffee or red bulls a day, then cut back to 1 initially. Slowly, your body will stop craving for this. Make small sustainable improvements.
  • Love what you eat. Slow down and eat mindfully.
  • Educate yourself on healthier choices. This can be done through events, documentaries, blogs and books.
  • Swap unhealthy versions for healthy versions. For instance move from refined sugar to rappadura or coconut sugar.
  • If you love dairy milk in your coffee, swap the dairy milk for nut milk or bon soy as these milks are alkaline whereas dairy is acidifying.
  • Move away from the low fat approach and appreciate what fat does for the body and brain performance.
  • Be careful when choosing to go gluten-free. More often than not, gluten-free products are loaded with sugar as the filler and binder. Make smart choices when going gluten-free.
  • Read labels of products and if they have over 5 ingredients do not buy it.
  • When going to a restaurant, choose the healthier option.
  • Start to appreciate what food does for our body. We cannot survive without food so it makes sense to fill our bodies with hydrating, healthy foods rather than foods that weigh you down.

Magical things start to happen to our body and mind when we cut out all the nasties and return to consuming high vibrational, high oxygen and clean foods and products. A shift in consciousness, weight, breath, clarity and confidence will mark the beginning of your transformation.